TekStore’s Edge: Genuine Apple Repairs vs The Rest

TekStore’s Edge: Genuine Apple Repairs vs The Rest

When your cherished Apple device, be it a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iMac, faces issues, the allure of a quick, inexpensive fix can be compelling. However, navigating the world of device repairs can be daunting. At TekStore in Newquay, Cornwall, we champion the unmatched quality and reliability of genuine Apple repairs. Here’s why our approach stands out, and for deeper insights, refer to Apple’s official guidelines on service and repair.

1. Unwavering Apple Quality

At TekStore, we exclusively use genuine Apple parts for every MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iMac repair, ensuring your device maintains its original excellence and functionality. In contrast, third-party components can be inconsistent, potentially leading to reduced performance or further complications.

2. Warranty Protection for Your Apple Device

Choosing non-authorised repairs can jeopardise your Apple warranty. With TekStore’s genuine repairs, your warranty remains intact, safeguarding your investment in Apple technology. Discover more about our warranty terms.

3. Apple-Certified Expertise You Can Trust

Our technicians are Apple-certified, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle intricate challenges across all Apple models, from the latest MacBook Pro to vintage iPhones. Unauthorised repairers may lack this proficiency, risking subpar fixes.

4. Prioritising Data Security on Apple Devices

Your personal data on your Apple device is invaluable. At TekStore, we recognise the significance of data privacy and adopt stringent measures to ensure your information remains safeguarded during repairs. This level of data protection might not be guaranteed with unauthorised outlets.

5. Durable Repairs for Long-Lasting Apple Performance

While unofficial fixes might seem cost-effective initially, they can lead to recurring issues, especially on sophisticated Apple devices. Genuine repairs at TekStore are designed to last, ensuring your Apple device continues to perform at its peak.

6. Complete Peace of Mind with Every Apple Repair

Entrusting your Apple device to experts using genuine parts offers unparalleled assurance. Coupled with our transparent repair processes, you’re always in the loop and at ease.


Opting for TekStore for your Apple repairs, whether it’s for a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iMac, is a commitment to quality, security, and peace of mind. Avoid the pitfalls of unauthorised repairs. For genuine Apple solutions and expert service, connect with TekStore in Newquay, Cornwall.

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