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And Health Check Services
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From Beats, to iPods and AirPods. We won't send your Apple product away.

Apple Support

Apple Authorised Repairs Service

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider our technicians are ready and available to service your devices in and out warranty covered under Apple care. You can expect great service from our team as we do our best to ensure all your devices are repaired as new within a reasonable time frame. 

When Apple recognises an issue with a device, a programme is announced to help resolve these issues. Learn More

Other Support

PC & Windows

Free Health check Service

With our free health check service, one of our qualified experts will check your Apple device for any issues, ensuring it works just like new. The health check includes:

  • Battery Capacity
  • Cooling Efficiently
  • Storage health

Our technicians will also recommend any hardware and software upgrades are suggested if they are required!

Preparing your device for repair

Before sending in your device for repair, there are a number of things that we ask you to do to ensure we can carry out our job properly and protect your data and information as we do it. Click below to find out how to best prepare your device.

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