Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)


Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) Bluetooth Stylus. Capacitive Touchscreen Type Supported. Tablet Device Supported.

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Product Description

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) Bluetooth Stylus

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) delivers pixel-perfect precision and industry-leading low latency, making it great for drawing, sketching, colouring, taking notes, marking up PDFs and more.
And it’s as easy and natural to use as a pencil.

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) also allows you to change tools without setting it down, thanks to its intuitive touch surface that supports double-tapping.

Designed for iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini, it features a flat edge that attaches magnetically for automatic charging and pairing.

What’s in the Box?
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

Tech Specs
Length: 166 mm (6.53 inches)
Diameter: 8.9 mm (0.35 inches)
Weight: 20.7 grams (0.73 ounces)

Other Features
Magnetically attaches and pairs


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